The full-scale floral arch, captivating flower cloud and aisle lined with enchanting flowers set the tone of the day. With Gypsophila at the forefront, a trendsetting choice for 2023, the entire event was a site to behold. Enhanced with subtle touches of Roses and Sweet Peas, the harmonious combination created a breathtaking visual spectacle and filled the space with a sweet, lingering scent. Witnessing the venue bursting with the most gorgeous seasonal blooms was a true delight, bringing the bride's story to life with a floral extravaganza and creating an unforgettable wedding. 


flowers, including Peonies, Roses in various colours and varieties (including large-headed wedding roses, garden roses, and spray roses), Sweet Peas, Calendula, Clematis, Lisianthus, Stocks, Delphiniums, and so many more! Each blossom contributed to a floral symphony where delicate tones blended seamlessly with bold pops of colour.

Jess's vibrant vision of an English country garden wedding came to life with an array of seasonal


The 3 Acres at Emley, known for its culinary delights and award-winning menu, boasts a beautiful stone building matched with absolutely stunning views of open Yorkshire countryside. The wedding would unfold against the elegant backdrop, with a tepee erected in the field set to the side of the main building for the wedding reception, open to one side to allow guests to relish the striking surroundings. A breathtaking outside ceremony, styled to perfection.


Nestled in the heart of the countryside, Jess dreamed of a wedding infused with a romantic, country garden feel. From the start, Jess expressed her profound love for all things flowers, setting the tone for a wedding bursting to the brim with abundant blooms and a captivating floral arch. She chose a playful floral palette with pastel pink, purple, cream, blue, and yellow hues.

The dream

Bursting with blooms & Yorkshire countryside charm

Romantic Country Garden Vibes at The 3 Acres

Jess & andy


'To my darling Jill, where do I begin! You truly are amazing. Not only are you an incredibly talented florist, but you are the most wonderful person with such a beautiful soul.
I feel like we instantly clicked and it’s like I’ve known you for years. It’s been so lovely to get to know you. Thank you so much for bringing my vision to life. You completely understood exactly what I wanted and worked your magic to create the most perfect, beautiful florals. Never forget just how truly amazing you are. Thank you for everything.
The flowers were gorgeous! Breathtakingly beautiful!! When you brought the bouquets into the room when we were getting ready, I remember just feeling so emotional at just how stunning they were!'

Jess & Andy

"...feeling so emotional at how stunning they were!"

kind words


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